Week 3: Dangerously Irrelevant

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The site Dangerously Irrelevant posts some interesting videos that really got me thinking about how society has drastically changed from when I attended high school. It’s hard for me to imagine grade school children using different media devices to create a different type of learning I never experienced at that age. One video called Did you know is a great video that talks about this digital age and the convergence that is happening around us. From this video I learned that the internet is the main source of advertising and news that people receive compared to traditional sources such as the newspaper and television.

Another video that I really enjoyed from this blog was called Want students to be more creative and innovative? Give them the gift of time. This short two minute video is fantastic. It shows us that if we want our students to be free thinking individuals, we must find a way to get past the constraint of time. I believe there are many teachers who feel this time pressure, trying to cover all the necessary material. This video is a nice reminder of what finding a way to create a little extra time can achieve.


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